PicoCount serial communication protocol documentation available

By Ian Rochat, 06/07/2017 - 15:02

Are you a software developer or somebody creating your own counting system? If so, you might be interested in knowing that we have just opened up our communications protocol to communicate with our counters.

The full details of the communications protocol used by the PicoCount units is now available to browse online or download as a PDF.

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TrafficViewer Pro Beta Released

By Ian Rochat, 08/23/2017 - 17:00

We have just released a new version of TrafficViewer Pro Beta, version

The new release is just a brief update to add a new export format. Under the Geocounts exports we have now added a "Vehicle List" export that will export the per-vehicle information into the Geocounts format.

There was a slight change made to the INDOT PRN export format, this will now export in the newer format (start times are now even on the hour instead of having to show "01" for the minutes).

Nozzle caps (pack of 20)

Nozzle caps to protect unused air switches during counts or during long periods of storing your counters. Your counters come with these, and we typically throw in some extra. This is just a pack of 20 rubber nozzle caps. If you need the data port caps those are sold in a different data cap pack. These are used for the NanoCount 1000, PicoCount 2500, and PicoCount 4500.

Data port caps (pack of 10)

Data port caps to protect the communications port on PicoCount 2500 counters. Your counters come with these, and we typically throw in an extra. This is just a pack of 10 rubber data port caps. If you need the nozzle caps to protect your air switches those are sold in a different nozzle cap pack. These are used for the PicoCount 2500.

Security Cable (6 feet)

3/16" security cable, 6 feet in length with double loop to use with padlock to secure counters.