TrafficViewer Pro *BETA*

Welcome to the TrafficViewer Pro Beta site. On this site we will release the latest and greatest versions before they reach the "official" release site. If you want to try out new features to see what is coming up or want to help us test new features/fixes before they are "live", then we encourage you to download the latest BETA version here.

You can have both the regular release and a BETA release installed on your computer and they will not interfere with each other. An update to one is not an update to the other, so if you do use both you will be updating them both separately. If a beta version is deteremined stable and moved to an actual release, it will keep the same version it had when it was in beta, the beta tag will just be removed.

The latest version of software will always be available on this site.

Latest Version:
Released: June 3, 2015
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Please let us know if you run into any problems (even very minor ones). We do welcome suggestions for features to add, we frequently add user requested features into the software. Our list is large, but the more frequently requested items get moved up in priority. So please do let us know if something would be useful or is important to you!

To report a problem, or give us a suggestion, for now please send us an e-mail at When reporting a problem, if you can describe to us your exact steps, or even better yet if you can tell us how we can reproduce the problem (if it's easily repeatable) that would be very helpful. And, if available, please include any data files related to the problem or that may help reproduce the problem.

Changes in the latest release are listed below, you may view a complete list of all versions and changes if you want to review other versions.

Changes in version
Graphical view updates
NewAdded viewing of amplitude values (along with changing the color of the hit depending on amplitude) on the graphical timestamp view for our bicycle counter (PicoCount 2502).
NewAdded exporting of amplitudes to the hose hit list when exporting data from our bicycle counter (PicoCount 2502).
NewModified the display on the graphical timestamp screen so it will always show a hit even if it's not to scale (instead of not displaying hits graphically when zoomed way out).
NewNow when zooming in with the mouse wheel on the graphical timestamp view it will zoom in and out where the mouse cursor is (within about 1/10th of a second).
FixFixed the graphical timestamp view so it no longer crashes when opening it on two different files without closing the software.
FixFixed a floating point calculation issue when scrolling in the graphical timestamp view which would ocassionally cause the scrolling to stop working until you changed zoom levels and moved around a bit.
FixFixed a bug with the graphical timestamp view that didn't show the first day with actual data if the first day after the counter was cleared had no hits in it.
FixAdjusted the short-short/long-long filtering to allow for up to 4 inches of hose movement (in each direction) in case hoses are not secured well. This allows for better filtering of the long hose data in cases where hoses have moved around a bit.


The table below lists all available downloads for this software. It is recommended to always download the latest version (the file at the top). Older versions are provided in case there is a problem in a newer beta release.

Available Downloads
TrafficViewer Pro Beta1.6.5.136June 3, 20153744KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro Beta1.6.4.124March 20, 20153738KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro Beta1.6.3.123March 2, 20153738KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro Beta1.6.2.122February 13, 20153738KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro Beta1.6.1.120January 30, 20153732KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro Beta1.5.2.117November 14, 20143612KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro Beta1.5.1.116October 10, 20143595KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro Beta1.5.0.115September 26, 20143592KBDownload
TrafficViewer Pro Beta1.4.8.113February 11, 20143482KBDownload