Our Policies

Ordering and Stock

You may order from our website or by calling us and placing the order over the phone. All orders are prepaid.

We typically carry enough stock for most size orders, but occasionally when we are hit with several large orders we may run out of an item. Being as we are the manufacturer, we usually have parts on hand to build more to fill the order (when this happens it is typically a few days to a week for smaller quantities). On the off chance that we are out of stock in something we will notify you, make sure it is ok, and give you a new estimated ship day.

If you have questions before you purchase we will gladly help you decide if our product is right for you. Along with that all of our manuals and software are also available for free from our website, which you are welcome to download and look over.

Shipping Policy

We will ship out orders within 2 business days of receipt of order, if not you will be notified of the problem. We can typically ship your order the next business day after receipt of order.

We will try to handle orders that have requested expedited shipping as fast as possible. Orders received before 12pm (Pacific Time) will generally ship the same day. You can contact us if it is extremely urgent and we can let you know if that is something that can ship out immediately or not. Even though we run several unit tests during manufacturing, we always do a final test on all units before shipping, so larger orders can sometimes be delayed an extra day.

Refund/Return Policy

If for any reason you need to return a product for refund, and your product is in the same condition as it arrived, we will honor a refund of 70% of the unit price (we have a 30% restocking fee) for up to 30-days after purchase for products that we manufacture. Those products include:

  • CountBuddy
  • CountBuddy II
  • MicroTally-14
  • MicroTally-18
  • NanoCount 1000
  • PicoCount 2500
  • PicoCount 4500
  • PicoCount Download Adapter
  • Road Tube Simulator

Shipping will not be refunded.

Please note: If you purchased a package, we will only accept accessory items such as nails, hose, nylon loops, chain, and locks that have been unused and are still in their unopened packaging. Otherwise these items cannot be refunded. We will refund you for the unused items plus 70% of the price of the unit above that was included in the package.

We do stand behind our products, and we have warranties for all of our units which includes repairing or replacing faulty units.

Product Warranties and Repairs

Please see our warranties & repairs page for details on our different product warranties.