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PicoCount 2500
PicoCount 2500

Currently we have a few lines of products that we manufacture: Manual tally counters, automatic road tube based counters, and test equipment for road tube counters.

We recently added a 4-channel road tube counter to our product list... the new PicoCount 4500! The PicoCount 4500 works just like our PicoCount 2500 only you can attach 4 road tubes to this unit instead of 2. We also offer the same 10 year warranty with our PicoCount 4500 that we do with our PicoCount 2500.

The PicoCount 4500 sells for $650.00 USD! (with discounts for quantities of 10 or more).

Our PicoCount 2500 (shown on the right) is a rugged, full featured, automatic traffic counter/classifier, with 2-channels of road tube (pneumatic hose) input. It is fully sealed, light weight, and should have greater than 10 years of life! We have a very aggressive 10 year replacement warranty standing behind it as well.

Our price for the PicoCount 2500 is only $420.00 USD! (before quantity discounts apply)

All hose hits are stored in the PicoCount 2500 and PicoCount 4500 units as timestamps. Data is downloaded from the counter and processed by our TrafficViewer Pro software into whatever form you choose (volume, classifications, and/or speeds). The software allows configuring and resetting the PicoCount 2500/4500, downloading of data, processing the data, generating reports, generating exports, and saving and retrieving the data files. The software features by default the FHWA and AustRoads classification schemes, and allows for complete customization of schemes or adding completely new ones. On top of that, the software is FREE via download.



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